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Carolyn, an instructor at SAFE, has been studying martial arts for over two years. She is a blue belt in Jiu Jistu (Gracie Jiu Jitsu) and a blue belt in Martial Arts (Okawate Bujutsukai). She is also SAFE's Lead Graphic Designer, and a full time Product Designer at International Greetings. She also enjoys scuba diving and photography.

How did you get involved with SAFE?

I had been searching for an effective self defense program for years, and when I discovered SAFE last year it was the first program that actually worked when I practiced against a partner trying to stop me. When I learned a lot of the techniques were based on Jiu Jistu, I joined that program at the school as well. So when I was asked to help out in SAFE, I was more than eager

What is your favorite part of teaching self defense?

Watching those new at self defense get excited when they realize how easy it is.

What is your favorite take down?

The rear choke takedown. You go from a very scary position to quickly and easily putting an attacker on the ground. It so swift, it still surprises me when I put my partner to the ground!

What do you think is the most important part of SAFE?

Teaching women techniques of defense and escape that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level and size. I've seen girls bring in their grandmas, and petite teenagers put an attacker on the ground.

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