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S-A-F-E (Sexual Assault Fundamental Escapes course) is a program that will give you the skills to Resist, Escape, & Defend by helping you to increase your awareness, avoid dangerous situations and empower you with simple and effective personal protective skills. This specialized self defense course is designed and taught by retired Master Sergeant and Special Forces Combat Veteran, Randy McElwee. SAFE is designed for women of all ages and fitness levels, using techniques based on Gracie Jiu Jitsu, an internationally renowned martial arts form designed so that a smaller opponent can easily defeat a larger, stronger opponent using technique and leverage.


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Our goal is to provide a fun approach to being seriously prepared. The victim's feeling of total helplessness is the worst part of an attack experience. S-A-F-E empowers a woman not only physically with simple, effective techniques for an escape, but also psychologically and emotionally by enabling her to maintain the presence of mind necessary to recognize or create an opportunity to get away.



At American Black Belt Academy, our women’s self defense program focuses on sexual assault prevention and defense techniques that will help you evade danger before it develops and defend yourself when no danger signs are given. You’ll acquire the skills to Resist, Escape, & Defend. This program teaches you how to defend yourself against common chokes, grabs, and other attacks, including fighting on the ground and when confronted by a weapon. At the end of the class, students will get a chance to try the moves on  one of our trained professionals in a body suit. We emphasize realistic scenarios!


Courses can be taken as a two hour Saturday course, or 4 consecutive two hours courses.

For more questions, contact us or see our FAQs page.

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